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Adventure Playground (2014) - Rachel Petrie (ft. Sarah Courtney)

Not going to write to much about this since my only input here was in the videos displayed alongside it, which I have already posted here (they are on my Vimeo). As a matter of fact I don’t even know if this is it’s actual title….

Ladders Ladders (2014) - Sarah Courtney

This is the first in a series of works based on text I recieved when learning how to use a knitting machine. Each page of text is the instruction on how to create a certain effect, in this case how to make ladders in the fabric.

For each piece I have used the technique instructed in the text, to write the text itself into the fabric that I am knitting. The work becomes a document of it’s own making; of the base code (aka instructions) which tells the processor (aka me, the Maker) what to produce

I’m still waiting on the better photos of this to get sent to me so I’ll update as soon as I can…

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Installing our exhibition for its opening tonight!!

Knitting knittings on the knitting machines in the knitting department

Sent an open call round the studio for people to paint on my knittings, and this is what I’ve gotten back!

This comic is about a very real incident which happened to me in a gallery when looking at Rauschenberg’s White Painting. All I wanted to do was draw on it, break that infuriatingly white surface

There were a lot of roses in our kitchen a few weeks ago, many of which got sketched. They were pretty chill roses

Some one once told me that when concrete breaks down, it makes the soil acidic. So I drew this comic based on that fact, imagining a post apocalyptic world where the breaking down of concrete makes patches of acidic soil, which are good for growing blueberries

This is a drawing I did a year or so ago, which I then made into a woodcut. and I;m calling it “Variations on the form of the USS Enterprise” parodying a Tristam Hillier work called “Variations on the form of an anchor”

I’m doing stop motion again!!

This was a test to see how the set worked and how the bunnies moved, I made the bunnies and my coursemate Rachel made the set

here’s the other test video we did