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Candy dissappearing into balsam

Six ink drawings done in the past two weeks

Eight drawings of places in France

Seven ink drawings of people that I drew while on holiday in France


  Last friday the 23rd of May, a fire broke out in Glasgow School of Art’s famous Mackintosh building. I admit, whilst watching the fire progress I had thought the worst for its fate - fortunately there has been some positives. This has been a difficult time for most but undoubtably GSA will continue to pull together and remain strong. The sheer level of support is both positive and encouraging for the future of this Art School.

  It is important that we continue to support the rebuilding and conservation of this great building so it can continue to compel people to appreciate it’s beauty, to support and help the current graduates and for the future of the students at GSA. If you wish to donate please visit: 


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Let us consider the relationship between cross stitch and pixellation

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I was in Chester on tuesday and did some sketching in the cathedral and train station

Been doing a lot of travelling lately, so here are some sketches done on trains

I dont know if anyone’s seen the news but GSofA is currently burning and firefighters are there trying to put the fire out. It seems to be spreading quite badly, most of the studios seem to have been damaged, and I’m worried for the future of the building.

 What I’ve gathered from talking to people who were there and overhearing conversations, is that the spark which started the fire was caused by a film projector being too close to something else and overheating, but the most serious thing was when someone’s work made of expanding foam, well, expanded and spread the blaze up a floor. Someone said that their studio wall literally exploded, and I do vaguely remember hearing a loud noise like that - although I put that down to just another part of the installation noises.

I heard the fire alarm but  didn’t register is as such until a friend came and told me that there was an actual fire. Like most people, I though it was a joke until I saw students running from the scene shouting “FIRE”, at which point I joined them

A large building made of very old wood soaked in varnish and turpentine and oil paint and Very Flammable Stuff is not going to fare well against fire…

Outside many of the 4th year students were in tears, understandably so since their work had just gone up in flames, their degrees are at risk, and there’s little hope of the degree show going ahead for Fine Art this year.