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I don’t know if you can see it here, but these charcoals have the most amazing colours!!

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Experiments with domes!! The idea behind these, is that on the outside they are blank, but on the inside there’ll be pattern and colour and cozy madness. I want to make art that you cannot see from a standing position, and that has to be crawled inside to be fully appreciated (these are maquettes, and are 1/10th or 1/3rd of the size I intend them to be)

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There is a paper SPINE in my studio now

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Zoey Papiz, Fine Art Photography student

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WIP of size/opacity cross stitch

Start of a new cross stitch work drawing parallels between cross stitch and the digital image

Cross stitch? Cross stitch cross stitch….

A few weeks ago I had a fleece sitting in front of me. Since then I have spun it, dyed it, knitted it, and now I am wearing it and damn I feel good about that

New term new work!! I’ve started thinking more about the relationship between the textile and the digital, and am making parallels between cross stitch and pixellation